Sara Jean Underwood Snapped A Hot Yoga Pic After Making A Weird Snapstory About Some Old Dude Doing Yoga


Sara Jean Underwood just celebrated her 32nd birthday over the weekend.  If you haven’t noticed, she’s huge into yoga — She literally did a video with Playboy a few years back where she did “naked yoga.” Ah, the glory days before Playboy decided it wasn’t cool with naked chicks anymore.

Today we noticed that Underwood is back in the yoga game on her Snapchat story. Except this is a little weird. It’s a video of some weird old guy doing a downward-facing-dog pose at what looks like a yoga studio.

Though we commiserate with her having to look at this old guy’s ass for a yoga sesh, it’s a little uncool to put him on blast — He’s just trying to reap the same physical/mental rewards of yoga just like anyone else. Is there a yoga sutra about body/age shaming or something? I don’t know. I only do it to stay limber as an #oldperson.

Here’s a weird screenshot of said Snap, via @SaraUnderwood on Snapchat



Ummm… What? So many questions. But, look… It’s cool. She redeemed herself with the third and final Snap in her story:


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