Sara Jean Underwood Shares Almost Topless Want Ad, Does ‘Star Wars’ Good

Sara Jean Underwood is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Before we get to the greatest want ad ever, and trust me it is, I want to harken back to August when Sara made all of our dreams come true by donning the Slave Leia costume from Star Wars.

Remember how cool that was? Yeah. She also wore other Star Wars costumes too, but we didn’t know why.

Turns out that she was wearing those outfits for a video that Playboy just released and yep, it’s pretty great.

Now then, back to the original purpose of this article: the want ad.

Apparently Sara Jean is on the lookout for some photographers in Los Angeles to take pictures of her.

I can only imagine how many thousands of responses she got with that request.

The rest of these photos are just obligatory anytime we discuss Sara Jean. You’re welcome.