You’ll Probably Want To See Sarah Hyland From ‘Modern Family’ Doing Standing Splits In Her Cheerleading Skirt

I could be off target here. I don’t actually know you nor do I know what it is you’re looking to see on the Internet today. But if I had to wager a guess of whether or not you’d want to see Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland doing a standing split while wearing a cheerleading skirt I’d be willing to bet the house that this is something most of you bros are into (there are also lots of sexy pics below). The caption reads ‘I would’ve been an awful cheerleader’ which makes zero sense, because as you can tell from the clip she has pretty great balance and extension. In fact, I think that Sarah Hyland would’ve been a fantastic cheerleader.

You bros know I couldn’t bring you here for just one clip, right? I can’t let you leave without seeing the best photos from Sarah Hyland’s Instagram account over the past few weeks…Lotsa cleavage on Sarah’s timeline these days, huh?

Want more Sarah Hyland? Just follow that link by clicking her name and all of your wildest dreams will come true…or something.