GOOD GOD Sean Penn’s Daughter is a Babe, Plus the Rest of This Week’s Hotties

Jennifer Lawrence

I know I get embarrassed whenever the maid at the hotel I’m staying in finds my butt plugs, so I can feel empathy for Lawrence. I mean sure it was a joke when the made found mine under the bed too, but she sure as hell wasn’t nice enough to leave them out in a display afterwards. But Lawrence’s butt isn’t the only reason she’s on this week’s list despite how nice of a butt it is. Making out with Amy Adams in the upcoming movie American Hustle doesn’t hurt either. The great thing about Lawrence is how she doesn’t need many adjustments to look pretty as we saw last week.

Mariah Carey

How many female celebrities Wikipedia pages say that their date of birthday differs between one year or another? It’s kinda weird, but we know Carey isn’t a spring chicken. That’s why it was nice to see her parade around in a bikini in Aspen this week because she doesn’t look too bad for her age. I still haven’t figured out how Carey’s body changed so much since she was a twig during her early days, but plastic surgery and weight gain can do some things.

Olivia Sprauer

Getting fired from your job as a school teacher because your principal found some bikini glamour shots is quite criminal since the act itself isn’t. The best way to get back at the principal? Pose for Hustler. I mean why pose for Playboy because that would be too classy. You’re trying to put it in your principal’s face by doing it as nasty as you can even if you’re probably getting less money for it. Or at least that’s what you tell yourself anyway when Hustler’s the best publication that comes calling. We’ll take Sprauer’s butt on our teacher’s desk any day of the week.

Dylan Penn

Sean Penn has been in Mystic River, 21 Grams, and Milk, but has he done any better work than producing his daughter Dylan? I think not. Some of it probably has to do with the genes of former Robin Wright because making babies with an ugly hag probably wouldn’t produce such a hot daughter. She’s an aspiring movie writer, but I have a feeling her second job of modeling works out just a tad bit better.


Instead of going on a glamorous tour to promote it, Beyonce released her latest album quietly. The surprise album idea was pretty cool and got a lot of good press. And then her new video shows off her body and possibly some stiff nips. That’s pretty cool too.