Selena Gomez Is Having A Good Time In Mexico Wearing Bikinis, Riding On Boats

Selena Gomez is having way more fun right now than we are.

We haven’t seen a whole lot from Selena Gomez lately other than that sexy music video she shot with her boyfriend Zedd awhile back. Then again maybe the fact that she has a new boyfriend has something to do with why we haven’t seen much out of her lately. That kind of stuff does tend to happen and not just with celebrities as we well know.

So it was nice of Selena Gomez share a couple of snaps of herself vacationing in Mexico yesterday where of course she brought along a bit of an odd-looking bikini. Not that it isn’t a sexy bikini it’s just that if she isn’t wearing the proper SPF sunscreen she’s going to have some wicked-weird tan lines. I only mention this because I care.

Anyway, here’s Selena doing her thing, enjoying life and living it better than most of us are right now.

She also recently shared this photo of herself with Vanessa Hudgens the other day, which was nice of her, supporting her friend and all.

Selena also did this cool swimming pool photo shoot before heading out on vacay, in case you missed it, again in a swimsuit that would definitely leave some odd tan lines. Of course that’s probably the least important issue with these photos as you can see.