Selena Gomez Shared A Video Of Herself In Bed, Now People Want To Know If She Sleeps Naked

selena gomez naked in bed

Selena Gomez, Instagram

Selena Gomez just wants to go to sleep. Right after she posts this video.

Selena Gomez must have been having a little trouble falling asleep over the weekend so rather than read or watch some TV she busted out her phone and posted a video, saying, “I just wanna fall asleep.” Then mouthing some other unintelligible words.

Selena must not have been totally wiped though because she also captioned the video, “Yes folks, midnight is late for me. Bored, desperate for sleep and my voice sounds weird at night #idlikesleepnowtho I’m. annoying.”

Of course since it appeared that there was nothing between her and her sheets people (a) wanted to know why she couldn’t sleep – Justin Bieber’s name was mentioned more than once – and (2) if she sleeps naked.

One very nice person even had this suggestion: “put some clothes on and wash your face and I believe you would go to sleep.” The fans, always looking out for their Selena.