Sexy Model (And Cal State-Fullerton Grad) Katelynn Ansari Is A Woman You Need To Know

On Friday we introduced you to Iryna Ivanova as a part of our “One to Watch” series and since you seemed to like her very much I thought we’d double down today with another lovely lady who was brought to our attention by our buds over at Rukus magazine (the folks who brought us Eva Marie before she was a WWE Diva).

Meet the lovely and talented Katelynn Ansari.

Katelynn is a California girl through and through, growing up as a little beach bunny in Orange County. As a teen she competed in many beauty pageants, piling up awards and titles and then when she turned 18 went full-time into modeling. Well, I say full-time, but she was also attending Cal State-Fullerton where she earned her Advertising Degree. Brains and beauty with this one.

Keep up with Katelynn Ansari’s adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, because she’s definitely “one to watch.”

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Photos: Rukus