Smoking Hot Charlotte McKinney Is ‘Naked’ For Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Commercial

One of the greatest jobs on the planet might be to work in the marketing department of Carl’s Jr. All of these advertising geniuses are in a boardroom throwing ideas at each other. They just bounce epic ideas off each other like which ridiculously hot model is going to eat a burger in the new commercial.

I don’t have to tell you that the hot “it” model right now is the spectacular Charlotte McKinney. So of course Carl’s Jr. wisely utilized Miss McKinney’s many talents for the burger company’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial titled “Au Naturel.”

Carl Jr’s is taking a new method of attracting customers, no they’ll still have a smoldering hot girl in their ad, but they are introducing their first All-Natural Burger with grass-fed, free-range beef that has no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. And just like the beef patties, captivating Charlotte also likes going “all-natural” (See what they did there?).

Are you still reading this? Why?