Forget The Summer Olympics, Stunning Sommer Ray Playing Beach Volleyball Is Where The Action Is At (20 Pics)

I told you fine gentlemen about scintillating Sommer Ray a few months ago. But did you listen? If you did.. good job. If you did not, I’m not here to lecture you, I’m here to give you a friendly reminder why you should be following the spectacular Sommer on Instagram.

Forget the beach volleyball at the Summer Olympics, this is where the action is at.

But she just doesn’t play volleyball.

This is the greatest workout ever. I’ve worked up such a sweat.

C’mon Sommer, you couldn’t tidy up your bed before the stunning selfie?

It’s good to see that Sommer’s drapes match her carpet.

That’s a motherfucking lifesaver right there.

Nice rings.

I’d sure like to noseslide into that backside.


That gate looks secure.

I like Gun N Roses too!

I hope that the captivating Sommer uses Permethrin to repel ticks.