Sansa Stark, I Mean Sophie Turner, Looked Like A Dream In Her Sexy AF Dress At The BAFTAs

I still can’t believe that Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is just 20-years-old. (She turns 21 on February 21st.) I guess when you’ve been on a show consistently since 2011 it just seems like she’s been around forever and simply has to be older.

Equally hard to believe is that Game of Thrones was her first professional acting gig in Hollywood. Talk about hitting the jackpot. Of course, her talent has had a whole lot to do with her sticking around so long since landing the gig so the casting folks must have known something.

Also, how tall is she? She seems really tall. Could be just because she’s always hanging out with her awesome, diminutive BFF Maisie Williams, but she seems tall enough to be a professional model to me. She certainly has the legs for it.

The internet says Turner is 5-foot-9 so she probably could pass for a runway model of she wanted to do it.

All I know is that when GOT goes off the air I am going to be very sad to see her go and pray that she ends up doing something be it movies or TV where I can watch her perform on a regular basis. She’s not only drop-dead gorgeous, she seems to have a super fun real-life personality to boot.

Oh yeah, back to the original point of this, here she is at this weekend’s BAFTA awards, which is the British version of something, I don’t know, whatever. Pictures…

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