Thanks To Virtual Reality You’ll Be Able Hang With Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Models On Isolated Tropical Dream Beaches

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Praise be to Sports Illustrated’s Creative Director mad geniusman Chris Hercick. Hercick’s overseen the artistic process behind every cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition since 2002, but this year might end up hosting his claim-to-fame, milestone achievement–getting you me and any other dude out there some sensuously fantastical 1v1 time with various Sports Illustrated models in full on virtual reality. Say what now?

Hercick said recently in a statement to an Engadget writer that “for the first time ever, we’re going to be able to answer the question that I always get and a lot of the people on staff always get, which is: ‘What is it like to be on set for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot?'”

The high quality, reportedly flawless VR content was shot last November in a collaborative effort with VR outfit Wevr. The VR content features ladies that have graced the covers of prior year magazines like Nina Adgal, Irina Shayk, and Hannah Davis. These beautiful, scantily-clothed, bikini-clad, voluptuous, straight up titilating goddesses will literally live inside your phone–aka the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App. All you’ll need to enjoy the immersive effects of VR and beach time with your dream babe is a Google Carboard viewer or Samsung Gear, or if you don’t have either of those you’re still chill because every Sports Illustrated swimsuit print issue comes with its own cardboard-like VR viewer. Can I get a round of fuuuck yehh victories! Or what?

So to the folks out there that were steady sippin’ on Haterade, and issued pessimistic claims about VR just being a fad..You obviously underestimated the power any horny dude can bring to the table as a driving force behind pushing further toward the next breakthrough technological advancement.