It Sure Sounds Like Miley Cyrus Is Now Single

Good news, Bros. It sure sounds like the short-lived, sex tape-filled romance between Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus is coming to an end.

That means the freaky, nasty, raunchy, possibly well-connected to really good cocaine dealers Miley Cyrus might be there for you to date. Get at it.

But would you want to? Is she too wild? Maybe. The reason Schwarzenegger allegedly ended the relationship is the Miley’s not marriage material. From Radar Online:

The 21-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kennedy clan member Maria Shriver had second thoughts after getting an earful from Miley’s ex-fiancé, [Liam] Hemsworth, a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Patrick got scared off after Liam told him to have fun with Miley, but definitely avoid a commitment,” one insider said.

Afterward, “Patrick realized that Miley’s a blast to be around, but she’s not long-term girlfriend material,” said the pal.

Shit son, Bros before Hos, no doubt. Meanwhile, it appears Miley wasn’t too happy with Patrick after he failed to present a ring on Valentine’s Day.

“Miley expected a proposal on Valentine’s Day,” said a source. “Now she’s extremely disappointed.”

D’aww. Sad face. But what the fuck are all these kids doing these days? Desperate for long-term love at 21? Why?

But yea, Patrick may be right. I’m not sure I’d want to marry Miley either. At least not until she gets a little older.

Who am I kidding? I would marry her in heartbeat. Money, money, money.

And drugs.