Tara Reid Has A Brand New SMOKIN’ Hot Cleavage-Tastic Bikini Selfie You Need To See

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Tara Reid: actress, wrinkled leatherette bag of golf clubs, poster child for bad plastic surgery practices of the 2000’s. But who cares? Tara’s got the personality of a goddess and even with her plastic surgery fuckups she’s still hot. Not as hot as she COULD be mind you, but she’s still hot. As in, look at your girlfriend. Now look at Tara Reid. Chances are that the girl you’re dating who you’ve convinced yourself is a 9/10 when in reality she’s more like a 4/10 isn’t anywhere near as hot as Tara.

Case in point? Beach selfie, GO:

Spa day with my sister @collreid in palm desert❤️

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