Half Assed Stalker To Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, And Cara Delevinge: ‘I Will Kill Some Of You’

Taylor Swift, Cara Delevinge, and Gigi Hadid are currently beset by a stalker who is sending them death threats over Twitter.

But not just any stalker. A real lazy one. According to TMZ, the person told Swift that he would “kill some of you.”

Bro. There’s three of them. That ain’t that many.

Like, obviously you aren’t going to kill any of them, because you’re deranged and probably completely incapable of even handling a weapon, but like, come on. At least threaten all of them. What’s the point of saying you’re gonna kill “some.”

Lazy ass stalkers these days man, smh. Probably a millennial who didn’t want to be on the hook for killing that many people.

TMZ says police are working with Twitter to identify and apprehend the person responsible.

[Via New York Daily News]