Taylor Swift Is The Hottest Woman In The World, According To Maxim

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Quick. Think of the hottest woman in the world.

We’ll give you a second.

Got it? OK.

Well, you’re wrong, according to Maxim. The magazine has anointed that honor upon Taylor Swift. Apparently they say she’s the most talent woman alive but that’s the fine print, not the headline.

And it’s not just some clerical error, either. Maxim actually has some reasons for the title.

Taylor Swift is the quintessential American success story: Armed with little more than a guitar, a boatload of ambition, and an uncanny knack for creating a proliferation of perfect pop songs, Swift has spent a decade engineering her own perfectly executed rise from that storied Pennsylvania Christmas-tree farm to the covers of magazines like this one. (So many magazines…) The past 12 months mark Swift’s best year ever, she says: She became tourism ambassador for her adopted hometown of New York, playfully satirized tabloid perceptions of her, and pivoted from her country roots to debut her first-ever pop album, earning the Billboard Woman of the Year award for the second time and assuming her rightful role among a small circle of international superstars. Swift breaks album sales records like lesser pop stars break hearts, all while somehow retaining the same wide-eyed charm that made her so likable in the first place.  She is also deeply unconcerned with whether or not you consider her attractive, which of course only makes her more so. We spoke with Swift, as she wrapped up the last day of her 1989 tour rehearsals, about life on the road, feminism, and what it feels like to be named by Maxim the most talented woman alive.

Swift’s appearances on this website come with ferocious and differing opinions. Some admit to wanting to bathe in such a tall drink of water. Others compared her unkindly to a human version of Big Bird.

So, yeah. We’re as surprised as the next Bros.

Brilliant marketing, we guess.