Guess Which ‘Teen Mom’ Castmember Has A Bikini Body That’s SLAMMING In Comparison To Farrah Abraham’s

Watching Teen Mom used to be a guilty pleasure of mine when I was younger (read: like, 3 years ago), yet in the past year I’ve completely quit watching it because I’ve realized that I (sort of) have standards when it comes to the crap I stare at while stoned in my boxers on the couch. Since I’ve started working at BroBible, that’s all gone to shit – doesn’t matter if I don’t watch the show on television, because perusing the Internet all day leads me to read shit about the moms online whether I like it or not.

Case in point? Jenelle Evans, Hot Mess Dumpster Queen 2k14, has a new bikini selfie. Whoop-da-fakkin-doo.


I say that with sarcasm, but I really do like Jenelle. Mostly for her entertainment value, really, but she does a good job of faking it for the cameras. Like she looks like the ultimate trailer trash on the show but I think, THINK I was in an elevator with her a few weeks back and she looked totally normal. Really short, but normal. Farrah Abraham, on the other hand, will never pass as “normal,” even in public.

But the real question is…who looks better in a bikini, Farrah or Jenelle?

Farrah looks like an unused tampon someone lost at the beach. Point goes to Jenelle, in my book.