Terry Richardson Dropped by ‘Vogue’ After Allegedly Propositioning Model for Sex


Terry Richardson has made a career out of turning celebrity photoshoots into deranged American Apparel ads and looking like a creep. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that one model is alleging he attempted to trade placement in Vogue for sex.

Early on Sunday model Emma J. Appleton posted to Twitter a screengrab of a message sent from Richardson’s personal Facebook account. It’s ridiculous, both for its content and its incredible specificity.

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Appleton later cryptically tweeted, “beginning to wish I hadn’t posted that… it doesn’t who you are or what the industry is, just be a decent human being,” and followed with, “The fact people think this is acceptable blows my fu–ing mind. See ya.” And then she deleted her Twitter account. Fashion illumanti will getcha.

Richardson is denying everything, but Vogue‘s communications director told The Wrap it has no plans to work with the photographer in the future. This isn’t really that big a deal: Richardson hasn’t shot for them in years, and he’s much more likely to be found photographing salacious Kate Upton pics for GQ than high-fashion pics for Vogue.

Still, it’s kind of a weird thing. “Uncle Terry’s” photographs are omnipresent, and he’s arguably more popular than ever. It’s difficult to find a model or celebrity or public figure who hasn’t stopped by his studio—and to be fair, we’ve posted a lot of the results. Yet allegations of misbehavior continue to pile up. In 2010, one 19-year-old shared a horrific story of her time with Richardson, and earlier this year an anonymous model on Reddit came forward with a similar tale. The dude is a creep.

Anyway, President Obama must love that these photos are still floating around. Oops.

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