Damn, Bros, Did You Catch The VERY NOTICEABLE Dress Tinashe Wore To The Grammys? Because… WOW


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I have to come clean here. For a few minutes Sunday night I watched the E! Grammys red carpet show.

And every so often they would cut to this woman who was literally pouring out of her dress and I was gobsmacked every time. So I started googling who it was and duh, it was Tinashe.

I don’t know why I didn’t recognize her. My thinking is that I was just assuming it was one their usual vapid talking heads and not, you know, someone with actual talent so my brain never made the connection.

I mean, the last time I saw Tinashe she was getting all frisky in lingerie with Britney Spears in their video for “Slumber Party” so it’s not like I don’t know her.

Plus she was Calvin Harris’ killer rebound when he and T-Swift called it quits.

Anyway, that’s just my VERY roundabout way of saying that the dress Tinashe was wearing at the Grammys REALLY deserves to be admired.

Check it…


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Why yes, she is a very attractive woman.