Tinder Girl Offers Sex In Exchange For Money To Pay Her Electric Bill But Winds Up Embarrassing Herself Instead

If you’re hip to Internet culture and know just about every Internet-born “phrase” that’s out there and what it means then you should definitely know that “ay bby u wan sum fuk” is a joke line. For one, it even looks like a joke and for two, if you say that to a girl and she’s still DTF after you vomited that poopsplosion of misspelled words over your keyboard you should probably run away ASAP. No girl still willing to bang after you offer “sum fuk” is a girl you should bang, because not only are her standards pathetically low (come on) but…dude. Come on.

Kind of like “Charn” here, who took that as a literal invitation to fuck and decided now was a good time to ask for utilities. Why pay the electric bill when you probably wanna fuck in the dark anyway? Seems counterproductive to me.

Woof. And now to wash that bad taste out of your mouth, here’s a guy who was able to go from “match” to “DTF” in less than 5 messages:

And just for shits and kicks, here’s Luisa: she likes to take it up the butt. Hooray!

[H/T Reddit]