Remember The Startup Where People Send Messages On Boobs? The Guys Who Started It Are Making Bank

Less than a year ago, we told readers about a couple Russian guys who started a business that specializes in personalized messages on boobs.

Here’s a quick overview about how Tittygram –yes, it’s called Tittygram — works.

The service, launched in spring 2015, allows customers to send a virtual card with a greeting or any other message written on a chest, male or female.

You select your favorite model online and send the text of your future message. As soon as an hour later, you will receive a ready photo card that you can send to a friend as a gift.

The service, the brainchild of Russian programmers from the city of Ulyanovsk (around 550 miles east of Moscow), costs $30. There is a more budget option for $8, but for that you cannot choose the model – it is the administrator who decides who will be the “carrier” of the message.

According to the company, about 30 percent of customers return for new cards, and some use Tittygram as a chat service. Sure, whatever brings them back.

The company “employs” 10 female models, but around 60 others, including men, work with Tittygram on a freelance basis.

So the Russians originally invested 2 million rubles ($26K) in Tittygram. After a year in business, they made 5 million rubles ($65K). Most business don’t see a profit FOR YEARS. It took Tittygram just 12 months to get back the original $26K plus some.

[via UPI]

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