Russian Company, ‘Tittygram,’ Sells Ad Space On Women’s Boobs, Deeming ‘Skip Ad’ Button Useless

Has the prospect of switching life insurance companies ever given you a boner?

Don’t speak too soon.

A Russian company called Tittygram (nailed it), lets businesses pay to advertise their brand on women’s breasts. The company opened its offices at the end of March and have already signed up dozens of local businesses as clientele. The company hired women to take part, inciting them with $88 a day to participate. The price of the ad ranges from $7 to $10 for up to 35 words.

As expected, this has sparked a huge gender debate in Russia on whether this business model is sexist and offensive. And as expected, men think it’s the best thing since color television, and women think it’s deplorable.

Can we really be surprised at this? ‘Tittygram’ isn’t dissimilar from the majority of companies who get to your wallet through your dickhole. A little less veiled and more unapologetic, but still employing the same tactics.

Do you ever have the urge for a Hardee’s sandwich? Of course not, because Hardee’s sandwiches taste like grundel sweat and give you the runs for 48 hours.

How about now?

Ya I’ll have two of those, a large fry, and some hand lotion. Can you direct me to the Men’s Room?

Here’s Tittygram’s promotional video. The titty-ads are in Russian, but you don’t give a shit.

[H/T Vocativ]

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