Vanessa Hudgens Showed Off Her Killer Bikini Body In Some Sexy Snaps From Vacation

Vanessa Hudgens, who at this point is pretty much just known for being in Spring Breakers (don’t bring that High School Musical shit in here), was just on vacation in New Zealand. Vacation from what I do not know, but she was. And while she was in New Zealand she spent some time at a very picturesque setting there.

Naturally, she couldn’t let that scenery go to waste without a couple of bikini selfies. This is 2015, after all.

Since that second photo was apparently taken from outer space, and since it’s Throwback Thursday and all, here are a few more bikini pics of Vanessa Hudgens from some of her previous aquatic adventures.

She must really like waterfalls.

Yes, I know that’s a sports bra and not a bikini. Shut up and enjoy.