Girls Reveal 10 Reasons They Secretly Don’t Want To Go Home With You

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You go out with this girl on an amazing first date. The typical dinner and drinks combo.

Except this time is special.

You can tell — she’s really digging you.

Just one hour into dinner, and the two of you literally can’t keep your hands off each other. There’s kissing, touching, groping… even a little bit of soft moaning — in public.

The Uber ride to the bar is no different, except things start getting friskier.

By the time you arrive at the local watering hole, her makeup is smudged all over her face, you have lipstick marks covering your neck, and the both of you faintly smell like the enchiladas you split for dinner — due mostly to the wild exchange of slobber and saliva during the car ride over.

Bottom line: You both look like a hot mess.

Rather than walking into the bar and doing the exact same thing you’ve been doing in the Uber ride, at dinner, etc… you suggest having a nightcap at your place instead.

To your surprise, she says:


What. The. F.

Everything was going so well?! She was all over me?! We had amazing conversation and a really strong connection…!?

Or so you thought.

Just that one simple word from her is all it takes for you to start questioning your judgement, and even more so, yourself. Insecure thoughts race through your head at 90 miles per hour:

….”Was I being offensive?”

….”Did I say something wrong?”

….”Why would she be all over me if she didn’t even like me?”

The worst part about it is the fact that this ‘phenomenon’ is pretty common thing. It’s safe to bet that every sexually active dude will experience this at least ONCE in his dating lifetime, if not more.

In a quest to uncover the truth behind the female ‘date bailout’ phenomena, we asked 20 different girls to tell us the reason they wouldn’t go home with a guy when the date is otherwise going really well.

Guess what we found out?

The top 10 reasons she doesn’t want to go back to your place have nothing to do with you, and EVERYTHING to do with her.

Ahh… we can hear the many sighs of relief. Check it out:







10 BF

10 PET


10 - SHAVE

Next time a girl has to suddenly bail on what seems to be a successful date, don’t jump to conclusions or be quick to blame yourself. It might have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with her…

Or she just might fucking hate you. Then again, you’d probably be able to tell if she did.

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