This Woman Makes Over $200k A Year From Desperate Men Paying To Be Her Bitch

It turns out the mere thought of a sexually hedonistic exploit, like ordering up a live online camming sesh with a couple young ladies is enough to get off the asexual men of this world. Thrillist reports that there’s a sector of the adult film industry populated by women who cater to rich dudes with fat wallets and an even fatter lust for throwing wads of ‘fuck you’ money alongside Jordan Belfort, at financially-dependent women.

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Maitresse Madeline and Mistress Lorelei Lee, both established figures in the adult entertainment industry, took home a whopping $84,000 from an Australian jabronie who probably pre-ejacked while wiring the ladies the funds. The queen cash cow of this bizarre business, which capitalizes on sucking the sexually frustrated tits of the rich boys’ bank accounts has to be Princess Meggerz. This Brooklyn chick who’s in her late 20s, is a gleaming gold-plated rags-to-riches tale of epically whoreish proportions. She first started making money off sexy-talk, if you will, when she was 18 and willing to sext guys on Yahoo Messenger. Now she makes over $200k a year, and often never meets her ‘clients’ in person. A quick scan over her more colorful tweets below, and see for yourself; Meggerz just straight up asks guys to pay for her shit, and without the added appropriate courtesy of a lil sweet talk.