Women Revealed The Top Three Things They Like Men To Say To Them In Bed

Talking dirty is like saying ‘here’ during attendance in class. It sounds good in your head, but when it comes out, you sound like a huge boner. Dirty talk is something that can’t be contrived or planned, it needs to be raw and authentic and unfiltered. And for the average dude, unfiltered is typically not an advisable path to take. So, many of us just repeat the same three phrases like a Chatty Cathy doll with the string pulled from her back: “You like that?” or some variation of “Fuck yes” or “Babe, babe. are you asleep?”

Well, a website called Forktip surveyed 5,000 adults about their sex lives, and asked women what dirty talk they prefer to hear most. The results, from least to most preferred:

3.) Tell’s me how much he’s enjoying it.
2.) Tells me how tight I am.
1.) Makes me call him ‘Daddy.’

It’s amazing how ‘Daddy’ can be such a turn on, but next time you’re smacking skins, please urge your lady to call you ‘Dad.’ Two letters can be the difference between making your girl climax and sleeping on the couch for the night.

Here are a couple of other interesting relationship tidbits Forktip found.

If she says 10, she was just talking about last year.

“I’m here for the gangbang.”

One quarter of you bros are lucky fuckers.

Define “Large.”

So there you have it, bros. Do with this information what you will. Take a gamble on that bisexual threesome proposal. After a few martinis, that 27 percent skyrockets to 69 percent. Shoot your shot.

[h/t Mirror]

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