World’s Sexiest Pole Vaulter, Allison Stokke, Is Looking Hotter Than Ever In New GoPro Clip

The absolutely stunning Allison Stokke and her immaculate abs have done more for the sport of pole vaulting than any other athlete in history. It boggles the mind that I’m sitting here at 8:46am on a Wednesday morning blogging about the sport of pole vaulting but such is the power of beauty, and Allison Stokke is the hottest pole vaulter in the history of the sport.

She’s also the focus of a new series from GoPro titled ‘Two Roads with Allison Stokke’ and they’ve just released episode 1. I won’t hype this up too much but I’ll be upfront and say that Allison Stokke’s body is looking finer than it ever has, so whatever he training regiment is heading towards the 2016 Rio Olympics is paying off:

She’s also been crushing it on Instagram recently:

I don’t know about you bros but I’m proud as hell to know that the United States of America is home to the world’s hottest pole vaulter, Allison Stokke. Sure, the good ol’ USofA is home to the hottest chicks in the world AND the best athletes in the world, but more often than not those two are mutually exclusive.

Furthermore, I think Allison Stokke is proof of the F-T-C Rule I’ve long been a believer of. If you’ve heard the phrase ‘F-T-C Rule’ it’s because I made that phrase up years ago, but the conventional wisdom of the rule has been around for decades. I’m a firm believer that over 80% of our nation’s hottest 1% of chicks come from Florida, Texas, and California (hence ‘F-T-C’). Allison Stokke’s born and raised in Newport Beach, California and proves my point.

And don’t get me wrong here, there are plenty of hot chicks in every state. I just think based on population and climate the sexiest girls in America tend to come from the largest states with access to beaches. If you think I’m wrong on this I’d like to hear your logic, so hit me down below in the comments.