$1 million in Pizza Hut Xbox sales; Dominos adds Ford Sync App


It only took fourth months for gamers to buy $1 million worth of Pizza Hut through the Xbox app. Now Dominos is getting in on the action with the first ever fast-food app for Ford Sync.

Just a few weeks ago that we learned PS4 users are watching a lot more porn than Xbox Oners. Apparently that’s because Microsoft fans are too busy ordering pizzas from Pizza Hut. I’m not sure how using an Xbox is in any way faster or superior to the laptop that you know damn well is sitting in front of them, but eaters gonna eat. I imagine the initial order was a novelty for most people, then they just got hooked on Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizzas.

Not to be outdone, Dominos created the first ever fast-food app for Ford Sync. While this isn’t useful to the gamer crowd, it should be a big hit for people who actually drive to work everyday. Now they can hop in the car to leave work, realize they’re hungry, and easily order pizza to pick it up on the way home. It’s a good thing I don’t have Ford Sync because I’d be a hell of a lot fatter than I already am. Full disclosure: I’ve ordered pizza while on the bus multiple times.

via Polygon & Forbes