11 sports movie characters who would be terrible at their sport in real life

Let’s get this out in the open right off the bat: I love sports movies. Now, I shall proceed to bash how completely unrealistic every sports movie has been since the dawn of their time. I’m fully aware that Hollywood needs to take a few liberties when creating characters in sports movies, they do it when crafting any character in any movie. But, when it comes to sports movies Hollywood seems to think it’s ok to drop steaming piles of falsehood all over us. Our friends over at SI’s Extra Mustard put together this incredible list of ‘11 Sports Movie Characters Who Would Suck at Their Sport in Real Life,’ of which we’ve sampled here for you. To read the post in its entirety, head on over to SI’s Extra Mustard!

#1: Will Ferrell in every movie that Will Ferrell plays an athlete

Sure, call me a skeptic, but somehow I doubt that Jackie Moon, Ricky Bobby, and Chazz Michael Michaels would have all risen to the pinnacles of their respective sports in real life.” Case in point:

#2: Sylvester Stallone in Rocky


Seriously Rocky, this is how you think you’re going to win a fight?

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