17 of the greatest George Steinbrenner quotes of all time

As we approach the midway point of the MLB season with the All-Star break coming next week, there’s another more solemn milestone I wanted to be sure didn’t get passed over: the anniversary of George Steinbrenner’s passing. This Saturday, July, 13 will mark third year baseball has been without “The Boss,” so in honor of his indelible and unmatched legacy on the game of baseball today we take a look at some of the all time greatest George Steinbrenner quotes. Love him or hate him, not a soul alive can deny that George Steinbrenner left a bigger impact on baseball than any other owner in the sport’s history. Along the way we were all treated to a roller coaster of quotes ranging from verbal vomit to the endearing words you’d expect from a loving grandfather, so without further ado here’s our Guyism tribute to George Steinbrenner quotes.

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