1890s Problems: A meme you should know

In an ongoing effort to both keep you current with the latest memes, and vent our frustrations with the latest societal annoyances, we’re taking a look at the 1890s Problems meme, a clever shaking of the fist at the incessant ‘#probz’ girls seem to be inventing by the minute. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, at some point in the recent past you’ve heard some girl say “blah probz” or “girl problems” or something of the like in passing, and unless your mental faculties are corrupt you’ve probably been sick of seeing and/or hearing this since the very first day it appeared. Therefore, in an effort to do some modern-era shaming of #girlprobz, today we’re taking a look at how much harder life was for the pioneering women of the 1890s. So, without further ado I present to you 1890s Problems, a meme you should know.

Photo Credits: Quickmeme.com, if you have a clever caption of your own head on over HERE and make one of these yourself!

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