19-year-old moron pisses in water supply so there goes 38 million gallons of water

This isn’t a Portlandia skit.

Portland administrators will be forced to flush 38 million gallons of water from the Mt. Tabor Reservoir 5 after a 19-year-old kid urinated in the city’s drinking supply.

The Portland Water Bureau publicly posted the video. A security officer promptly called police Wednesday morning after viewing the incident.

“Even though there is very minimal public health risk, the bottom line is that our commitment is to serve water that’s clean, cold and constant,” said Water Bureau administrator David Shaff. “That doesn’t include pee. Not from people, at least.”

So, all animals in Portland, please feel free to keep pissing in the drinking water.

Portland will flush 38 million gallons of water after man urinates in Mt. Tabor Reservoir [Oregon Live]

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