5 tequilas to fill your stocking this Christmas

Colin Joliat

No one thinks of tequila around Christmas, but what better way to warm the soul than with an agave kick in the mulberries? Here are 5 great options any guy would love to get for Christmas this year. I included a wide range of ages in case you have a picky drinker or specific budget to keep in mind. It’s a gift though, so you should probably splurge. As always, the prices listed are in Chicago.

Extra Añejo: Reserva 44 – $150


Avión Reserva 44

Need something special? Reserva 44 was just announced today, making it as special as it gets. The extra añejo tequila is aged for 44 months (see what they did there), including the final 30 days in small barrels that are rotated daily. It’s bottled by hand in beautiful crystal decanters and is numbered and signed by the Avion founder, making the packaging just as fantastic as the spirit itself. If want something different for your whiskey snob friend, try getting him tequila this year. He won’t be sorry. $150

Aged blend: Dobel – $40


Maestro Dobel

The first of something is always a great gift, and Dobel is the first crystal-clear aged tequila. Most blends are blanco and reposado, but Dobel went the other direction and combined reposado, añejo, and extra añejo. It’s then filtered to remove the color. The result is a spirit with tons of great agave flavor that’s smoother than your face the day after Movember. MSRP is $65, but I spotted it for $40. They could charge a lot more than they do for this tequila, and I would pay it gladly. Just don’t tell them I said that because this is the steal of the century. $40

Reposado: Partida – $45


Partida Reposado

The entire line of Partida is fantastic, especially the añejo, but the Reposado is their sweet spot. It’s aged for six months in Jack Daniels barrels, making it smooth and easy to drink. Trust me; there’s no tequila face here. The agave stands out with just the right amount of aging, and it has an irresistible sweet spice. The best part is the price has dropped considerably. The initial hype and 5-star ratings when it launched kept the price at a completely reasonable $58, but some stores have brought it down into incredible value. $45

Silver: Olmeca Altos – $20


Olmeca Altos Plata

A shoestring budget doesn’t mean you need to buy a plastic bottle of tequila with a red sombrero on top. Olmeca Altos is an amazing spirit for a meager price. A percentage, albeit it small, is made from the Tahona Method in which a giant stone wheel crushes the agave. This extracts max flavor, which is apparent while drinking. The roasted agave flavor is perfect and the citrus notes make it ideal for cocktails and shots. Trust me, after a round of Altos shots no one will be complaining about having to drink tequila anymore. – $20

Wildcard: Cabo Diablo – $23


Cabo Wabo – Cabo Diablo

This is actually a coffee liqueur not a tequila, but it seemed fitting to include something a little different. Cabo Diablo is ideal if the person on the receiving end of this gift is a major shot taker. The coffee liqueur is spiked with Cabo Wabo tequila, making it delicious and incredibly easy to take. The chocolate and coffee play perfectly with the tequila’s agave, so there’s no reason you can’t find room next to the Fireball on the shelf to mix things up a bit. It never hearts to have another single-ingredient shot in the repertoire. – $23