5 things your drink of choice says about your politics


There’s a clear divide in drinking habits between Republicans and Democrats. Some seem obvious, but others might surprise you. Be warned: the chart only includes wine and hard liquor, probably because we already know Budweiser is the King of Red States.

5. Republicans love American whiskey


Quick, think of a red state. What booze do you picture them drinking? That’s right, good old American whiskey. Jim Beam and Wild Turkey are as Republican as it gets, and Jack Daniels is probably the most consumed Republican spirit.

4. Only Democrats drink champagne


Between gay rights and affordable health care, the Democrats have a lot to celebrate. Cooks, Andre, and Moet & Chandon are all very heavily Democrat leaning. That’s quite the quality range, so it’s good to see the poor and rich Democrats can all get viciously hungover together.

3. Republicans hate America


Republicans pretend to be uber-American by drinking Jack, but they’re not who they claim to be. The Republicans are also the biggest drinkers of Canadian Club and Crown Royal… goddamn turncoats. How could a tea partier possibly drink Crown Royal? It’s so counter-intuitive that my head hurts.

Another surprise? Beefeater drinkers lean right. Apparently Republicans LOVE England.

2. Democrats hate colored liquor


Does that liquor have a color to it? Well don’t take it to the Democratic headquarters. Grey Goose, Absolut, Smirnoff, Stoli, Svedka, Seagrams, Tanqueray are all left leaning.

Most tequila leans left as well, so we’ll just assume those are all the white versions.

1. Republicans and Democrats love bad wine


The new official drink of the House and Senate should be terrible wine because both parties have a solid foothold in different cheap grape juice. Republicans chug boxed favorites like Franzia and Fish Eye while Democrats are happy to drink the most popular grocery store screw-tops, Sutter Home and Carlo Rossi.



NatMedia via Washington Post