9 video game heroes every guy should strive to emulate

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Are you wading through life listlessly in search or a mentor-bro? Chances are the one you’ve been looking for has been in front of your eyes all along.

Evan Schwartz over at MTV’s Guy Code pieced together this incredible tribute to the video game characters every guy should be striving to emulate, which you can read in full here. Here’s a quick sample to whet your appetite, but to read the post in full you can click the image above or the link at the end!

#1: Link

The “Zelda” protagonist is even more pure than Mario – it’s pretty clear Link is always helping Princess Zelda out of love. Mario’s motives are probably a little more… swarthy. I mean, look at that mustache. Link is more about bravery and adventurousness, and never backs away from a challenge. Should you carry a sword or dress like an elf? No. But the other stuff is good.

#2: Mario



Mario is the gold standard for all video game characters for a reason – his motives are pure. He wants to rescue the princess, or save the planet, or bail out his loser brother in basically every adventure. Plus, he’s an awesome driver AND a pretty serviceable tennis/baseball player. As a plumber, he’s handy around the house. It’s no wonder Princess Peach has been crushing on him for decades.

Click here to read ‘9 Video Game Heroes Guys Should Emulate’ on MTV’s GuyCode!

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