A Game of Memes: The best ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 GIFs to prep you for the finale

In honor of this week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 finale, ‘The Children,’ I thought it pertinent to stroll back through the previous 9 episodes and see what the best memes, gifs, and screen caps were.


Every week here on Guyism I’ve given you a babblingly long-winded recap of each week’s winners and losers, but that didn’t really leave much room for the best memes. So, here are the best I came across throughout the season that I wasn’t able to use in the recaps (which you should go read now, HERE).

Ohhhh Joff….

P.S., each meme links out to the corresponding recap I thought most applied to that particular meme.

He’s just SUSH a twat, well done Sansa.

Oh hai there!


One of the most disgusting scenes this season given the googly eye treatment.

Small GIF, I know…but it’s meaningful nonetheless. Source.

Personal favorite of mine.

This one seems pretty damn relevant going in to the season finale.

Scroll to the end of the recap for the GIFs related to the reactions above.

Use this, share it on Facebook, the Mountain will be proud. Source.

Back in the days of Jamie taking sword lessons…so much has happened since then!

Ser Jorah’s new spinoff show.

His scene in the tavern was INCREDIBLE.

It’s settled: we need to see more skin from Sansa.

Such a looker.

An outtake from Tyrion’s epic speech.

An eye for an eye?

This one really hits home for most of you. Source.

Dumba$$ Cersei sending away her healer…

Any time the plot changes…

If you didn’t already know, that is the author of the books.

The King of Chicken

Whoever smelt it dealt it…

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