According To This Video, Weddings In Kyrgyzstan Involve Blacking Out, Fighting Everyone, Sobbing Uncontrollably



I’m not sure what to believe here, because if we’re being honest I’m not even positive that ‘Kyrgyzstan’ is a real place.

But if this video is to be believed, then weddings in Kyrgyzstan basically consist of blacking out, brutally fighting anyone in sight, then sobbing uncontrollably and choking on your own blood.

Some Wikipedia facts about Kyrgyzstan:

A law banning women under the age of twenty-three from travelling abroad without a parent or guardian, with the purpose of “…increased morality and preservation of the gene pool.” has passed in the Kyrgyz parliament

Illegal, but still practiced, is the tradition of bride kidnapping.

It is debatable whether bride kidnapping is actually traditional. Some of the confusion may stem from the fact that arranged marriages were traditional, and one of the ways to escape an arranged marriage was to arrange a consensual “kidnapping.”

Sounds like a lovely place, eh? So here’s the video I’ve been hyping up. If you have a weak stomach be warned: there will be blood.


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