Adobe brings Photoshop Touch to phones

Adobe Photoshop is a wonderful program, but it’s also a friggin’ expensive one. The cost for what most people use as a collage tool with maybe some lighting tweaks is prohibitive for most of us to own.



Unless you’ve got a smartphone, apparently.

Adobe has just released Photoshop Touch for both iPhone and Android platforms. While it’s not quite the full, professional tool that you and millions of others totally didn’t download off a torrent, it is a fairly deep photo editing tool that allows features like layers, blending, and other features, and does actually make good use of the touchscreen.

As I actually do photo editing, I find this thing incredibly useful: It makes it much easier to pluck out elements like hair, which are a pain in the ass with mouse and touchpad.

Especially useful is the Camera Fill function, which will no doubt be very popular in fairly short order: You point your phone’s camera at something, click, and it automatically fills in the image with your photo.

All this and it’s five bucks, too. So expect photo editing to get even more popular, now that you can do it on your phone.

Photoshop Touch [Google Play]