What TV shows we should watch tonight: ‘Archer’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’

by 6 years ago
Parks and Recreation


Crowded night of television viewing with stalwarts like Archer and Parks and Recreation. Elsewhere, the gators get their revenge on Swamp People. Here’s what you need to watch.

Parks and Recreation @ 8pm, NBC
: This show is literally carrying NBC on its back right now. Dismal ratings from the network as of late.

Swamp People @ 9pm, History
: Best thing about this show? The people speak English yet there’s subtitles.

Archer @ 10pm, FX
: There’s NEVER a bad episode of this show. NEVER!

The Office @ 9pm, NBC
: This was the episode that was supposed to usher in Dwight Schrute’s new show, The Farm. Sadly, it was given the axe by network execs.

Elementary @ 10pm, CBS
: This is how you sneak an advertiser into your show.

Big Ten Tourney @ 6:30pm, ESPN2: Will the law of Gus hold true again? We’ve already had one today, let’s hope for some late-night magic.

Notre Dame-Marquette @ 9pm, ESPN
: Premiere game of the day in the Big East. Look for Marquette to pull away late.

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