Aubrey Plaza pulls a Kanye West, Will Ferrell says she has hot liquor breath

by 6 years ago

If you didn’t watch the MTV Awards last night, you missed Aubrey Plaza’s miserable attempt to be the next Kanye West. It was confirmed to be unscripted, and Will Ferrell had some fun things to say.

I guess we now know that Aubrey Plaza would definitely go for the old “penis in the popcorn” trick. I’m kidding, Aubrey, please don’t hate me.

Plaza had the name of her next movie written on her chest so this looks to have been a publicity stunt. I imagine the plan was to run up, grab the award, and then shuffle back to her seat leaving Will Ferrell to pick up the pieces. As a professional comedic actor, I don’t imagine that would have been very hard for him. Instead, he decided to come out on top of the joke by not letting go of the golden popcorn.

Her attempt to Kanye the proceedings doesn’t bother me. It’s the fact that she dumped the drink when she got back to her seat. We don’t just dump cocktails out. Chug it like a woman!

If you missed the actual upstaging, here’s the video for that.

Will Ferrell On Aubrey Plaza’s Movie Awards ‘Kanye’ Moment: ‘It Was A Lot Of Hot Liquor Breath’ [MTV]

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