Bacon condoms prove men really are pigs

J&D’s have created Bacon Condoms, thus proving that Jesse Spano was right all along. Men are pigs. This isn’t a joke though, these are real condoms meant to be used and abused.


FACT – Each year 5 billion condoms are sold worldwide, 450 million in the US alone and exactly zero look, feel or taste like Bacon – until now.

I sure hope you’re not dating a vegetarian. The lube applied to the condom is the company’s own Baconlube, which is meat-flavored. They aren’t lying when they say it will look and taste like bacon. Unfortunately these swine sacks are currently sold out, so you’ll have to wait. You can hop on the waitlist if you really want the $10 three-pack.

J&D’s isn’t just a bunch of child-fearing bacon lovers. Their entire business is bacon-based. It all started with Bacon Salt back in 2007. It has spun out of control since then, with products like Bacon Rimsalt, Baconnaise, and their partnership with internet favorite, The Oatmeal, for Sriracha Popcorn.