7 surprising foods that match perfectly with bacon

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We all know that bacon is great by itself or in a BLT or on a cheeseburger, but what about some unexpected, yet imaginative ways to incorporate more of this meat-manna from heaven into our daily diet? What’s your favorite unique bacon dish?

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7 Bananas

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Love ’em or hate ’em, bananas are a pretty popular fruit, and the fact that they synchronize with the succulence of bacon is pretty damn cool, too.

Try it: Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich, aka, The Elvis.

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6 Chocolate

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The best of the sweet world and the best of the savory world is a match made in heaven. You can buy some pretty expensive chocolate bars that have crunchy specs of bacon hidden within, but why not make your own?

Try it: Spicy chocolate-coated bacon.

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5 Cream cheese

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There’s something about thick and creamy spreadable cheese and crispity-crunchety bacon that is begging to be referred to as “umami” by someone other than myself.

Try it: Mini-croissants stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.

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4 Dates

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Dates are like the younger, hipper cousin of the prune, and for that we are most thankful, since we can eat it without shitting ourselves or committing some type of strange social faux pas.

Try it: Bacon-wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates.

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3 Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

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Who would’ve thought that these would be so, so good together? There is no recipe as far as I know, the combination just happens to be delicious.

Try it: Cook yourself up some bacon and sprinkle it over a scoop of CCCD for a cold and hot, salty and sweet, chewy and crunchy treat.

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2 Bourbon

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A manly drink with a manly food; this just makes sense.

Try it: Bourbon bacon cocktail – Bourbon mixed with melted bacon fat, ice and a slice of bacon as a garnish.

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1 All other manners of pig

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Sure, we hear all about bacon and beef, or bacon and chicken, but what about pig on pig action, like bacon and ham, bacon and sausage or bacon and pork loin?

Try it: I once made a sandwich called “Renouncing Judaism” that contained bacon, ham, sausage and pork. It was so good I didn’t even feel it when God struck me with lightning for blasphemy. Give it a shot.

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