Baphomet Vodka distilled on goat skull is 133-proof Satanic fun

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Vodka makers love a good shtick, and nothing can top Mikkeller’s limited-release Baphomet Vodka. They distilled it to 66.6% ABV on a goat skull because clearly Satan knows how to party.

You don’t need to sell your soul to the devil to have a great night. Just buy his new favorite spirit, Baphomet Vodka. A collaboration between metal festival COPENHELL and Mikkeller is about as demonic as it gets. 66.6% ABV vodka would already taste like Satan’s nutsack, but they took it a step further.



Mikkeller dropped in a goat skull (Baphomet ≈ Sabbatic Goat) and let the demons do their dirty work. It actually reminds me of the guitar that was a hell-spun mixture of the bones of fornicators and the sinew of thieves and gluttons that Lucifer used to write Fred’s Slacks.

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It’s safe to assume that the skull was well cleaned, so it’s probably not goat flavored vodka. I’m actually shocked someone hasn’t made that. Rest assured though, at 133.3-proof it’ll still burn like hell.

The part that confuses me is that it took 66 days and 6 minutes to make according to RockFreaks. While I appreciate the tribute to the devil, it doesn’t take that long to make vodka. It’s only a few days from milling to bottling even at five times distilled. It would add some extra time if they dry hopped it like their Simcoe vodka, which I doubt, but not 60+ days. Then I got my answer… or should I say, an answer.



“The sexiest of drinks take a sexy amount of time.” Who could argue?

There’s another thing that bothered me about the time frame. 66 days and 6 minutes is actually 66.004 days. Surely Satan wouldn’t give up that close to his lucky number. It should be 66 days and 14 hours and 24 minutes. Or they could eliminate any of the already nonexistent confusion and go with 6 days 6 hours and 6 minutes. Sure that’s a pain in the ass to write out, but it eliminates any time table and conversion questions.

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Fortunately neither I nor anyone else actually care about the time to make it. The only thing that matters is the juice in the awesomely jar shaped bottles. Mikkeller is known for making some of the best beer in the world (mmmm… SpontanCherry), but supposedly they’re no slackers in the spirits department either. I’ve never had their spirits, but people whose palates I trust are big fans.

Only a small amount of Baphomet Vodka was produced, but it will be available in their webshop soon. If you want some over-proof excellence, start praying to the dark lord that you can get your hands this demonic treat. Then prepare yourself for one hell of a good time.

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