This Lil Bear Cub Would Make A Really Shitty Golf Caddie



Would you look at this lil bear cub discovering golf? His excitement starts so innocently: oh look, there’s a flag, I should scratch my ass against it…..holy crap this is the greatest thing the woooooorld!

H/T @Deadspin’s Tom Ley

This footage was taken on the Mountainside Golf Course at the Fairmont Hot Sprints Resort in British Columbia, somewhere between Calgary and Vancouver, and that’s really the only thing wrong with this video. The incessant need to be nice of the Canadian filming the bear cub, calling him buddy. JUST LET BEAR PLAY BRO, THAT’S ALL WE NEED TO SEE.

FACT: this bear cub now enjoys golf more than Tiger Woods does (currently). Just look at this lil bastard (no seriously, where’s the dad?) playing with the stick. Reminds me a bit of myself back when I first hit puberty…maybe this bear’s my new spirit animal and I haven’t realized it yet…



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