Benny the Bull proposes to Bulls dancer

In America, you are not allowed to marry an animal. In America, you are not allowed to marry a mascot. Apparently, these two want to change the law. We wish them luck.


This will undoubtedly spawn a wave of stupid, public proposals. Ugh.

I’ll repeat my rant from earlier this year:

They’re lame, they’re obnoxious and they’re for couples who are generally disliked by everyone around them. The couples who often go way overboard with their PDA or tell you how much they’re in love or how awesome their trip to Hawaii was because they went skinny-dipping in the ocean and made love under the moonlight. Nevermind the fact you saw this dude’s wife completely naked at a frat party getting Eiffel Tower’d by two dudes in one of those “can’t unsee” moments.

But I digress.