6 of the best drinking games around (and why)

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Best Drinking Games and Why

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Drinking games aren’t meant to be games as much as they are ways to get you even more obliterated than you already are. They make you rely on instincts, physical coordination and drunken luck unlike the board games of yore. Take that Trivial Pursuit! Here’s some of the best drinking games and why.

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6 Kings
The Game: Grab a deck of cards, put them face down in a pile and go around in a circle picking one and placing them face up. Each one is assigned an activity like “Rhyme,” “Categories,” or “Waterfall” which all revolve around either drinking if you mess up the activity or the activity of drinking itself.

The Fun: This is great because everyone has a different way of playing, so the game never feels quite the same with different groups of people. Plus, if you play your cards wrong you’re gonna get to’ up pretty fast… which means in reality, you’ve played your cards right!

5 Poker
The Game: Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular type, but don’t forget the plenty of other varieties that nobody gives a crap about, because they exist too… sort of.

The Fun: This isn’t a game where the goal is to get drunk, but more of a sport (because they have a World Series, right?) that’s often played with alcohol and maybe some cigars and scantily clad poker chip mistresses present. (Though it’ll probably just be the beer and cigar smoke if you’re playing in your kitchen or your parent’s basement.)

4 Horse Race
The Game: In this game you’re placing cards face down (with one ace face up), making a total of 4 “race tracks” on the table and then taking “bets” (# of sips) from your friends and having them pick a suit. One person has to be the announcer and he/she will call the race as if they were announcing a horse race. Start flipping the cards from the top of the deck one at a time and placing them face up. The aces move one length forward for every suit that’s shown. The first horse to pass the last card is the winner and if you didn’t win, you’ll drink the # you bet on the horse. If you did win, you get to distribute your bet to the losers.

The Fun: This is fun because the announcer is going to get everyone revved up yelling stuff like “AND THEY’RE OFF!” like it’s a real race. With every card that gets turned over everyone is losing their shit and going crazy and by the end you either get to drink or make others drink. It’s a win/win!

3 Thumper (aka Indian, which is racist as hell so we’ll stick with Thumper)
The Game: At the start, players choose a hand sign to represent themselves. The first player makes their sign followed by the sign of another player. That player then repeats their own sign followed by another players and this continues until someone makes a mistake. The offending player takes a drink and then starts the next round. During the game, everyone beats their hands on the table in a most tribal fashion.

The Fun: This is great because it’s physical and reminiscent of Simon Says, but you still get to sit on your lazy, drunk ass and use your on-the-fly instincts rather than your currently diminished memory. Plus, at the beginning of every round someone shouts “What’s the name of the game?” and everyone responds “Thumper!”. Then, “Why do we play it?” and everyone responds “To get fucked up!”. This is all done with hands pounding on table.

2 Flip Cup
The Game: Get a bunch of Solo cups, fill them halfway with cheap-o beer, line them up down the side of the table. Do the same with the other side. Players will chug the beer, slam the cup down so the bottom is on the edge and then tap the cup in an upward motion with the goal of getting the cup to land upside down on the table. This happens in quick succession, usually with multiple participants until the team who has flipped all the cups wins.

The Fun: You can easily make some enemies with this one as not everyone is well-versed in the art of flipping plastic cups. But on the bright side it’s manic and there’s lots of cheering. With a lot of flip-cupping and beer drinking, you could become a party hero.

1 Beer Pong
The Game: As the king of party games (besides Kings of course) there are a lot of deviations and house rules for it. The set up and goals are simple: put a bunch of Solo cups at either end of a long table in pyramid formation with some beer in each and try to best the other team by throwing ping pong balls into their cups until there are none left.

The Fun: This is such a popular game that it almost borders on being a sport, just like poker. But this is more of a sport for alcoholics who can actually use their senses BETTER by being inebriated. It’s more methodical than flip cup, always involves a crowd watching, and gets you drunk whether you win or lose. Not a fan of beer? Excellent alternatives are wine pong and liquor pong.

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