Nugget Porn: Celebrate 4/20 By Gawking At The Stickiest Weed Nugs On The Internet (32 Photos)

by 4 years ago

Instagram / mysweetleaf

Today is 4/20, the officially unofficial ‘Stoner Holiday’ for everyone worldwide that partakes in the smoking of marijuana. Just a few short years ago, before recreational marijuana was legalized in several states, 4/20 was pretty taboo. However, in the past two or three years 4/20 has become almost a mainstream holiday complete with the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, concerts all across the nation, and protests worldwide from supporters in favor of ending cannabis prohibition.

I’m not here to proselytize on weed, talk about legalization, or shove a bunch of stoner memes in your face (that’ll come later in my daily/afternoon ‘Best Damn Photos‘ pic dump). I’m just here to share a bunch of photos I found from Imgur/Reddit/Instagram with you bros of the stickiest, most delicious looking cannabis buds ever smoked. Call it nugget porn (though that term will send you to some weird places if you Google it), call it weed porn, call it whatever you want. These are the best weed buds around:


instagram / dank_purps


Instagram / trichomet

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