‘Black People Twitter’ Has Officially Taken Over Reddit, Brought The Funny Back (PICS)

I’d estimate that over the course of the past half decade I’ve spent, on average, somewhere around 5% of my waking hours surfing Reddit. I know that 99.9% of you are already familiar with Reddit, but to the tiny fraction of you that aren’t, it’s basically the center of the Internet where everything is aggregated by users, from humor to news and everything in between.

A Reddit user is responsible for coining the term ‘The Fappening‘, Reddit plays host daily to celebrities from all walks of life hosting Q&A’s, and over the past few years as a result of Reddit hitting mainstream it’s suffered and has progressively become a less and less funny place, and the content has gotten shittier by the day.

Which brings me to the the subreddit ‘Black People Twitter‘ (a subreddit is a section of reddit devoted to one specific type of content, such as wrestling or college football). The level of humor going on right now in this subreddit is simply unmatched anywhere else on the Internet, in fact it’s not even close. The beauty of this subreddit devoted to ‘Black People Twitter’ is that it takes all of the content you might find on Twitter if you follow tens of thousands of users and puts it into one convenient place where the cream rises to the top.

The ‘Black People Twitter‘ subreddit defines itself as such:

Black culture has a unique way of examining the everyday and we are here to showcase that. You know this shit is funny so don’t be a cunt and accuse people here of being racists.
We’re all black here so be cool and if I see one more gad dam post about black fathers skipping town y’all gonna catch these hands ya buncha racists.

Why is this new subreddit so damn funny? Well, that answer’s different for everyone. But for me it’s because it’s become one of the only unfiltered refuges for humor on the Internet. We’re operating on an Internet with gestapo levels of censorship, and levels of political correctness never before seen in history…yet this subreddit doesn’t seem to care in the least bit, and for that reason I love it… Which is really long winded way of me saying “fuck you if you can’t take a joke.”

Above is a gallery of some of the most hilarious pics shared in the short three months this community has existed….ENJOY.