Blazed Movie Reviews: ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Marvel Studios

I’m named after this guy. Of course I like the movie. Let’s be honest here: being named “Thor” is a huge pain in the ass, especially if you’re a little weaselly looking dude and not a hulking Aryan muscleman toting an enormous hammer. I get the jokes, people, I get the jokes.

The first Thor movie was probably the weakest of the pre-Avengers flicks, as it’s hard to relate to long-haired space gods as compared to defrosted World War II soldiers or alcoholic robot-men. That’s not to say it was bad, because it was fun enough, but it wasn’t great. But because it’s a movie, it gets a sequel, and I’m happy to say the sequel is all kinds of fun.

If you haven’t been on the Internet ever, here’s a quick takeaway: people on the Internet want all boys to gay out with each other. When the first Thor movie came out the tubes overflowed with pictures of him and his evil halfbrother Loki smooching. Cannily, Disney picked up on this and made the relationship between the two of them having to work together the core of the new movie.

So a bad guy from ages ago (in God terms, so way long ago) comes out of suspended animation to get hold of a super-powerful weapon that just happens to accidentally go into the body of Natalie Portman (a smart choice for a super-powerful weapon) and he’s just too strong for Thor to whoop by himself. Seeing that the destruction of everything is imminent, Loki teams up with him and I won’t spoil the rest.

This movie was fun as hell to watch high because watching people get wrecked with hammers (not in an Oldboy sense) is always fun as hell. The movie’s also a lot smarter and bigger-feeling than the first one, with less “Thor is so confused by this mortal stuff” and more time travel and setpieces and stuff. I recommend it.

Disclaimer: I fixed all the typos and grammar errors but left everything else in.