Boyfriend continues roadtrip with dead girlfriend in car

by 5 years ago

National Lampoon Vacation


Maybe they were making good time?

A road trip from Arizona to Michigan turned into a weird cult flick after a man decided to keep the journey going, even though his girlfriend was dead in the backseat. Ray Tomlinson, his 93-year-old mother, and his 31-year-old girlfriend set out on the road trip that the young woman decided to check out on early.

A 31-year-old woman had fallen asleep in the front passenger seat of the conversion van and, when they were in either Texas or Oklahoma, the 62-year-old Clinton Township man she was with found she was dead.

Instead of reporting the incident to police immediately, Tomlinson and his mom decided to continue the trip. After he discovered his dead girlfriend among the bags of empty chips and old road maps, Tomlinson did an Internet search on his phone, according to Warren Police Detective Sgt. Stephen Mills, and discovered he has 48 hours to take her to a medical examiner or to a morgue.

Tomlinson told cops he was worried that if he stopped, authorities “would have impounded my vehicle, they would have probably incarcerated me to do an investigation and I had a 93-year-old woman in my car that I needed to get home.”

Yup, probably, but still….

Police are still investigating but foul play is not suspected.

[via Detroit Free Press]