‘Breaking Bad’ comes back July 14th


And here’s some details about the rest of the final season, straight from the horse’s mouth. Is there any more depressing time than this winter break while we’re waiting for all of our favorite shows to come back? I’ve talked to my family about everything already. One of the shows that I really can’t wait for is Breaking Bad, which split its fifth and final season into two parts for unknown reasons. AMC hasn’t given an official return date yet, but that didn’t stop Aaron Paul from just telling us on Twitter that it’ll be back July 14th.

The network hasn’t confirmed it, but why would Jesse Pinkman lie to us? There are a meager eight episodes left before the show comes to an end forever, and as anybody who’s watched a TV show to completion knows, the ending is the hardest thing to stick. Think about shows like Battlestar Galactica and Lost which were seriously awesome until they had to wrap things up and went off the rails completely. Vulture has an interview with show creator Vince Gilligan that is a must-read, where he talks about the process of writing the finale and admits it’s going to be very polarizing.

“We’re not gonna please everyone, we’re not gonna please everyone… This is what I keep telling myself so I can sleep at night.”

And, of course, the big question is what will Walt’s final fate be? Will he get away with this insane life of crime and live happily ever after? Gilligan seems to throw some shade on that idea.

“I’m very cornball in my own view of the world. It just makes sense to me that bad people should get punished and good people should be rewarded.”

You should really read the whole interview, it’s awesome. If Breaking Bad does come back on July 14th, that’ll put the finale on the air on September 1st. Don’t make any plans.